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Free Webinar: Creating a Zero Carbon Industrial Cluster

BusinessGreen Lunchtime Webinar – hosted in association with Zero Carbon Humber

11am - 1pm, Thursday 19 November 2020

BusinessGreen’s latest webinar provides a unique opportunity to explore pioneering plans to deliver the world’s first zero carbon industrial cluster in the UK.

It is one of the biggest technical, economic, and political challenges facing the global push to build a net zero emission economy: how do you decarbonise the energy and carbon-intensive industries that provide many of the building blocks for the modern world?

Zero Carbon Humber is one of a handful of world-leading projects seeking to answer this critical question and transform the UK’s highest emitting industrial region into the world’s first net zero industrial cluster by 2040. Through low carbon hydrogen production, carbon capture and carbon removal technology, and access to the UK’s fast expanding offshore wind capacity, the cluster has the potential to deliver the shared infrastructure and offshore undersea storage that could allow industrial businesses to decarbonise – providing a template for regions the world over to follow.

The free to attend webinar will provide an opportunity to hear from some of the companies and experts involved in the Zero Carbon Humber Partnership that includes international energy companies, heavy industry, leading infrastructure and logistics operators, global engineering firms, and academic institutions.

The interactive session will feature presentations from some of the key partners exploring how Zero Carbon Humber could reduce the UK’s annual emissions by 15 per cent whilst future-proofing vital industries and creating new STEM roles in the Humber and across the North of England. It will also provide an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the challenges faced by the various projects that make up the cluster as they seek to unlock a new phase of the UK’s net zero transition.

The event is open to all who are interested in the role of net zero industrial clusters, but will be of particular relevance to those in the energy and infrastructure sectors; civil servants and advisors; politicians; journalists; supply chain operators and investors.

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