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Hear from those who have worked with us ... 

“Richard’s RTFO campaign completely overshadowed any others I’ve seen in the last 15 years. He built a coalition of supportive stakeholders and left the Government in no doubt as to the consequences of a poor decision. As the campaign intensified, it completely changed Government thinking and and resulted in the sector getting a much better result, which ensured its commercial survival. I can only put the change in result down to Richard's campaign."

 - Dr Jeremy Tomkinson, CEO, National Non-Food Crop Centre 


“The essence of a good campaign is to understand who you are trying to influence and the messages you need to motivate them. Richard’s campaign recognised this, connected them in a methodical way, enthused stakeholders and influenced decision makers. The campaign undoubtedly made an important difference to the result which had real-life commercial benefit and helped to secure livelihoods.”

- Clare Wenner, Head of Renewable Transport, Renewable Energy Association

"One of Richard’s main strengths is his ability to get to grips with complex policy areas and turn them into impactful and creative campaigns. He has good judgement on the best tactics to deploy when engaging with political, consumer and business audiences. He works well both autonomously or as part of a team and can always be relied on to deliver excellent results. He would be an asset to any advocacy and communications team."

- Katharine Teague, Head of Advocacy, AB Sugar 

"Richard has a deep knowledge of public affairs and demonstrated sound judgement when it came to strategic and tactical responses to the myriad policy challenges that food and drink manufacturers face. He quickly became a trusted source of expert advice and worked diligently to further our public affairs objectives."

- Tim Rycroft, Chief Operating Officer, Food & Drink Federation

"Richard is a force for driving change in the Government’s agenda. Well connected and relentless in his pursuit of a goal, Richard made things happen and created a large and positive impact quickly and effectively. Passionate, dedicated and committed, he makes sure that his team shares the same approach and high standards."

- Alison Puente, former Account Director, Finn PR


"Working with Richard to make films for business is a breath of fresh air.  He knows exactly what he and his clients want, understanding the creative process and has clear vision in narratives and story telling.  He likes to get involved which is refreshing to see, but he also knows when to step back and allow others to lead, guide and create.  We've worked together on several promotional videos and I've seen first-hand his dedication, leadership and strength of character to get things done in the most challenging of circumstances." 

- Rob Barker, MD, Barksy Media 

"Richard and I have worked together on a number of projects and I have always appreciated his sound judgement and consistently good advice. He has a thorough knoweldge of policy and public affairs and a real eye for strategic detail. He's someone who knows how to make things happen and inspires others through his enthusiasm and leadership."

- Carl Thomson, Senior Director, Interel 

"Richard has first-rate political knowledge at both the local and national level, and is well connected with senior politicians. He repeatedly wins new business in new sectors, and cultivates lasting relationships with clients."

- James Cox, Head of Public Affairs, Pennon Group Plc

"I've worked with Richard on several projects and events, which have raised funds and the profile of our charity. He is extremely well organised, good at managing people, and calm in a crisis. Our charity has greatly benefited from working alongside him."

- Richard Peers, UK Director of iOrphan

"I have witnessed Richard drive significant improvements through his campaigning and skills. His ability to network at a senior level, paired with his great understanding of government policy, made Richard a valuable member of the team. Richard also used his skills to lead an internal communications team and opened the door to a greater world of external communications, than we had seen before."

- Sharleen Lawless, Director of E&D Talent Ltd

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